About Us

"Friar" Dan

"Friar" Dan is an avid gamer and musician who dabbles in being a wizard.  When he's not bringing his unique charms and sense of humor to your ear-holes, he likes to play his bass, play his XBox, and play with the local ladies.
Twitter: @FriarDan 

"That Guy" Todd

"That Guy" Todd is a wannabe experienced podcaster; who, if given the chance, will talk your ears off about anything.  ANYTHING.  When he's not blathering on like a fanboy on the internet, he is usually pretending he is The Doctor, playing games on his XBox/PC or watching an embarrassing amount of anime.
Twitter: @noct31

Nikki Webster

Nikki is the person responsible for all the original art on Podcast of Doom, and therefore is the only talented person involved with it.  You can check out more of her work or contact her on her website, but be careful; she bites.

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