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Greetings, Internet!  The final spoilercast of season 5 of Game of Thrones is finally here!  We break down all the death, destruction, desperation, dr...View Details

Greetings, Internet!  This week Podcast of DOOM is back from vacation with reviews of the new Pixar film Inside Out, the new Batmans game Arkham Knigh...View Details

Greetings, Internet!  The new episode of The Watchlist is here, and we saw dinosaurs!  Lots of them!  Too many, perhaps?  Is there such a thing as too...View Details

Greetings, Internet!  The spoilercast is back for the penultimate episode of season 5 of Game of Thrones; The Dance of Dragons.  This week we discuss ...View Details

Greetings, Internet!  The Podcast of Doom spoilercast is back with a Game of Thrones double feature for the episodes "The Gift" and "Hardhome."  Tune ...View Details

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