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Episode 81: Silent DOOMs

Greetings, Internet! This week Podcast of Doom finally reviews the Netflix series Daredevil, nerds out about some new anime, laments the cancelling of...View Details

Greetings, Internet!  The spoilercast is back with the third episode of season 5 of Game of Thrones: High Sparrow.  Tune in as we discuss missed conne...View Details

Greetings, Internet!  Lady Bee makes her triumphant return as this episode of the spoilercast covers the second episode of season 5; The House of Blac...View Details

Greetings, Internet!  This week we're all abuzz with the new trailers being dropped on us like so many scary nerd bombs.  We talk about new video game...View Details

Greetings, Internet!  Game of Thrones is back, and so is the spoilercast!  We jump back into the world of dragons and white walkers and truly awful we...View Details

Greetings, Internet!  This week Podcast of DOOM delves into the big issues affecting our world today, like why Paul Blart is getting a second movie, j...View Details

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