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Greetings, followers of DOOM.  New episode is up, a day late and with no dollars to be short of.  But, it's an extra-large episode for your ear holes ...View Details

Hello everyone and welcome to the commentary track for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie!  Straight out the mega radical and totally gnarly mid-9...View Details

Greetings, friends and enemies who listen to us out of spite!  Welcome to Episode 41 of Podcast of Doom: DOOM of Future Past!  This week in addition t...View Details

Greetings faithful listeners!  We at Podcast of Doom have a very special announcement to make; we are introducing Premium Content to the site!  Our Pr...View Details

Welcome back to the Podcast of Doom's Game of Thrones spoilercast, everyone!  This week, Lady Bee joins those Doom Boys to discuss the newest episode;...View Details

Episode 40: DOOM-zilla

Praise be to our new monster King!  This week on Podcast of Doom; Friar Dan and That Guy Todd review/geek out over the new film, Godzilla.  They also ...View Details

Sorry to be a little tardy to the party this week, internet, but fear not!  The new spoilercast for the episode "The Laws of Gods and Men" is here!  T...View Details

Welcome back to Podcast of Doom, internet!  This week, Friar Dan and That Guy Todd are up to their perfect little ears in news and happenings.  News l...View Details

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