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On this week's spoilercast, Friar Dan and That Guy Todd discuss the new episode "Oathkeeper."  They cover topics like; how Daenerys teaches the slaves...View Details

Episode 37: #DOOMtime

Aloha, internet-ites!  This week, Podcast of Doom is trending with Episode 37: #DOOMtime!  This week, Friar Dan and That Guy Todd talk about the faile...View Details

Another week, another wild ride in Westeros in the third episode of season 4: Breaker of Chains.  Topics for this week include Jaime and Cersei's dist...View Details

Episode 36: The DOOM Show

Welcome, Doomies!  It is the time for the having of the 36th episode of Podcast of Doom; The DOOM Show!  This week Friar Dan and That Guy Todd gab abo...View Details

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Friar Dan and That Guy Todd are back with the spoilercast for the new episode of Game of Thrones; The Lion and the Rose.  This week they are joined by...View Details

Episode 35: DOOM-mania

Defending their titles as Champions of the internet, Friar Dan and That Guy Todd are back!  This week is the long-promised and rather un-anticipated w...View Details

Podcast of Doom presents our first Game of Thrones spoilercast, about the first episode of season 4: Two Swords.  Topics covered include; why Jon Snow...View Details

Time to suit up, internet and choose a side this week on Podcast of Doom.  Either you're with Friar Dan and That Guy Todd or you're with The DOOM Sold...View Details

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